6 Fun Activities To Do In Indiana 

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Indiana is full of fun activities for people of all ages. 

It’s a state with plenty of opportunities for fun activities all year round! 

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast seeking adventure or prefer to explore indoor attractions, Indiana has something for everyone. 

Here are 7 fun activities that you can do in Indiana that will have you making lasting memories with your friends and family.

fun activities to do in indiana

1. Amish Acres: Tour the Farm

Amish Acres is one of the most unique and delightful places to visit in Indiana

It’s a farm that has been preserved with all its historical charm intact. 

Visitors can experience the true essence of Amish culture by taking a tour of the farm. 

The farm is located near Nappanee, Indiana, and covers an area of around 80 acres.

There are several fun activities to do at Amish Acres. 

Visitors can take a horse-drawn wagon ride through the fields or even go on a tour led by an experienced guide who will explain everything there is to know about Amish life. 

There are also demonstrations on how to make brooms, candles, baskets, and quilts using traditional techniques. 

For those interested in history, there’s even a museum where they can learn about the lives and customs of the first settlers in this part of Indiana.

fun activities to do in indiana

2. Holcomb Gardens: Explore Nature

Holcomb Gardens is a hidden gem located in the heart of Indiana that offers visitors an opportunity to explore nature and enjoy fun activities

The gardens are a perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. 

Whether you are a solo traveler or visiting with family or friends, Holcomb Gardens has something for everyone.

One of the most popular activities at Holcomb Gardens is hiking. 

The scenic trails provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and offer an immersive experience into Indiana’s natural beauty. 

Visitors can also take guided tours led by knowledgeable park rangers who provide insights into the history and ecology of this beautiful park.

Another must-try activity at Holcomb Gardens is bird watching.

After all, Indiana is, like most of the US, a majority rural state.

That means lots of nature, lots of fresh air, and lots of beautiful birds to spot!

animals forest walking

3. The Children’s Museum: Interactive Learning

We tend to be very pro-family people here in Indiana.

So here’s one for the kids.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is an interactive learning experience that offers a fun and educational day out for people of all ages

As one of the largest children’s museums in the world, it boasts over 120,000 square feet of exhibit space packed with exciting exhibits and activities.

Visitors can explore everything from dinosaurs to outer space, as well as learn about ancient cultures or experiment with science. 

The museum also features a planetarium, a theater, and plenty of hands-on exhibits that encourage creativity and imagination. 

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder why The Children’s Museum is a must-visit destination for families looking for fun activities to do in Indiana.

Beyond the exhibits themselves, The Children’s Museum also hosts special events throughout the year. 

From holiday celebrations to themed weekends, there is always something new happening at this vibrant attraction.

fun activities to do in indiana

4. Racing at IMS: Feel the Speed

Are you looking for a thrilling adventure in Indiana? 

Look no further than the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). 

This world-renowned racetrack is home to some of the most exciting racing events in the country, and it’s also a great place to visit for some fun activities. 

Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or just looking for something different to do, IMS has something for everyone.

One of the main attractions at IMS is the IndyCar Series race, which takes place every May. 

This high-speed event draws thousands of fans from all over the world who come to witness some of the most talented drivers compete on one of racing’s most iconic tracks.

But even if you can’t make it to this annual event, there are still plenty of other opportunities to experience the thrill of racing at IMS throughout the year.

racetrack racecars indie

5. Bowling and Bars

Indiana may be known for its cornfields and basketball, but there’s also other stuff going on here in the Hoosier State. 

If you’re looking for a night out with friends or family, bars and bowling alleys offer endless entertainment options.

First up, let’s talk about bars. 

Indiana is home to a wide variety of pubs, breweries, and sports bars that cater to all tastes

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere or a rowdy party scene, there’s something for everyone here. 

Some popular spots include Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis, where you can sample local craft beers and enjoy live music on the weekends. 

Or head over to The Exchange Whiskey Bar in South Bend if you’re in the mood for classic cocktails and upscale pub fare.

If bowling is more your speed, Indiana has plenty of options to choose from as well.

If nothing else, you can try duckpin bowling, which is something you can really only find in Indiana and a few other states.

It’s lots of fun and definitely worth trying at least once even if only for the novelty of it!

fun activities to do in indiana

6. The Museum of Art in Bloomington

We know we already mentioned the Children’s Museum specifically.

But Indiana is a place rich in both human and natural history.

So naturally (ha!), there are lots of cool museums here that you’ll love if you like museums.

Not only are they educational, but they also offer an entertaining experience for visitors of all ages. 

Besides the Children’s Museum, one of our other favorites is the Museum of Art in Bloomington.

This is a hidden gem in Indiana that offers visitors a unique and enjoyable experience. 

With its stunning collection of artwork, the museum is the perfect destination for art enthusiasts looking to indulge their passion. 

But it’s not just great artwork that makes this museum stand out.

There are plenty of fun activities to do here too.

One of the most popular features at the Museum of Art in Bloomington is its interactive exhibits. 

These exhibits allow visitors to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating pieces in the museum’s collection, offering a truly immersive experience. 

The museum also runs regular events and workshops for both adults and children.

These events give visitors the chance to try their hand at creating their own works of art or learning more about different art styles.

andy warhol museum

Enjoy Indiana

Indiana is a great place to visit for fun and adventure. 

Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, cultural attractions, or just an opportunity to explore a new area, there’s something for everyone in Indiana. 

From the awe-inspiring beauty of the Brown County State Park to the fascinating history of the many small towns scattered throughout the state, Indiana provides endless opportunities to enjoy quality family time. 

There’s no better way to create lasting memories than by exploring all that Indiana has to offer!

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