6 Special Destination Weddings In Indiana

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Indiana is blessed with a variety of locations for destination weddings.

Imagine exchanging vows under the canopy of ancient oak trees, with the soft rustling of leaves creating a natural symphony around you. 

Or perhaps you prefer the elegance of a grand ballroom adorned with crystal chandeliers and intricate architectural details. 

Whatever your vision, Indiana has it all – making it an ideal choice for couples looking to break away from traditional wedding norms and create an event that reflects their style and love story. 

So join us on a journey through some of Indiana’s most enchanting destinations where dreams become reality and love knows no bounds.

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1. Fountain Square 

The Fountain Square Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a historic venue and a unique and enchanting setting for destination weddings

With its stunning Art Deco architecture and vintage charm, couples can host a wedding that transports guests to a bygone era of glamour and elegance. 

The theatre’s grand ballroom, with its high ceilings and ornate details, also provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic and unforgettable celebration.

destination weddings in indiana

Its versatility sets the Fountain Square Theatre apart as a wedding venue. 

The space can be transformed from intimate ceremonies to lavish receptions to suit any couple’s vision. 

With its central location in downtown Indianapolis, out-of-town guests can easily explore the vibrant neighborhood of Fountain Square before or after the wedding festivities. 

Hosting a destination wedding at the Fountain Square Theatre allows couples to create lasting memories in an iconic setting that blends history with modern luxury.

destination weddings in indiana

2. Indiana Dunes National Park

Imagine saying the pristine beauty of Indiana Dunes National Park, a hidden gem perfect for destination weddings, surrounds me. 

With its stunning sandy beaches, towering dunes, and lush forests, this park offers a unique backdrop for couples looking to tie the knot in nature’s embrace. 

Picture walking down the aisle with the serene Lake Michigan as your witness, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

destination weddings in indiana

Moreover, hosting a wedding at Indiana Dunes National Park guarantees breathtaking views and allows you to incorporate eco-friendly elements into your special day

From sustainable decor to locally sourced catering options, couples can celebrate their love while being mindful of the environment. 

By choosing this picturesque location for your destination wedding, you are saying ‘I do’ to each other and committing to protect and preserve our natural wonders for generations to come.

destination weddings in indiana

3. Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park offers a picturesque backdrop for couples looking to exchange vows amidst nature’s beauty. 

With its sprawling forests, shimmering lakes, and scenic trails, this park provides a tranquil setting for intimate and unforgettable destination weddings. 

Imagine saying I do under the rustling leaves of ancient trees or by the enchanting waterfall as your guests revel in the sounds of nature surrounding them.

destination weddings in indiana

Brown County State Park presents endless opportunities for couples seeking a unique and eco-friendly wedding venue to incorporate sustainable practices into their special day. 

From outdoor ceremonies to rustic barn receptions, this park allows couples to blend elegance with natural charm while reducing their carbon footprint. 

Couples can create memorable moments that reflect their love for each other and commitment to the environment.  

And they can do it all while embracing the serene ambiance of this scenic oasis.

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In addition to its stunning landscapes and eco-conscious ethos, Brown County State Park provides ample activities for wedding guests to enjoy during their stay. 

From hiking and biking trails to horseback riding adventures, there is no shortage of ways for guests to immerse themselves in nature’s wonders before or after the wedding celebration

For couples looking for a destination wedding that combines romance with adventure, Brown County State Park offers an unparalleled experience that will leave lasting memories for years to come.

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4. Indianapolis Zoo

Imagine having a wedding surrounded by exotic animals and lush greenery at the Indianapolis Zoo. 

This unique venue offers a one-of-a-kind setting for couples looking to tie the knot in Indiana. 

With various locations within the zoo, you can exchange vows in front of majestic elephants or have your reception overlooking playful dolphins.

destination weddings in indiana

Not only will your special day be memorable, but you’ll also be supporting the zoo’s conservation efforts by hosting your event there

Your guests will enjoy exploring all the zoo offers, from interactive exhibits to up-close animal encounters. 

So why settle for a traditional wedding venue when you can make your big day an unforgettable adventure at the Indianapolis Zoo?

destination weddings in indiana

5. French Lick Resort

French Lick Resort offers a charming and elegant setting for couples looking to have their dream destination wedding in Indiana. 

The resort’s picturesque surroundings and historic architecture provide a romantic backdrop for exchanging vows and celebrating love. 

From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, French Lick offers various venues to suit every couple’s style and preferences.

destination weddings in indiana

In addition to its stunning wedding venues, French Lick Resort provides top-notch amenities and services for both the couple and their guests

The resort’s experienced event planners ensure that every detail is taken care of, allowing couples to relax and enjoy their special day without any worries. 

Also, guests can indulge in spa treatments, golfing excursions, or explore the nearby attractions, making it a perfect location for a destination wedding weekend full of fun and relaxation.

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Overall, French Lick Resort stands out as a premier destination wedding venue in Indiana, offering a unique blend of history, luxury, and natural beauty. 

Couples looking to create unforgettable memories surrounded by elegance and charm will find everything they need at this remarkable resort tucked away in the heart of Hoosier country.

destination weddings in indiana

6. Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie offers a unique setting for couples seeking a destination wedding in Indiana. 

The rustic charm of the historic buildings, sprawling greenery, and serene water features provide a picturesque backdrop for exchanging vows. 

Additionally, Conner Prairie offers diverse venues to suit every couple’s vision, from intimate ceremonies in the gardens to grand receptions in the banquet halls.

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What sets Conner Prairie apart as a wedding venue is its blend of history and nature

Imagine saying I do amidst 19th-century architecture while surrounded by fields of wildflowers and towering trees. 

It’s an experience that transports guests back in time while celebrating love in the present. 

Whether you’re drawn to the simple elegance of a barn reception or prefer an outdoor affair under twinkling lights, Conner Prairie promises an unforgettable wedding day filled with charm and character.

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Experience an unforgettable wedding in Indiana!

Indiana offers a unique and charming setting for memorable destination weddings that cater to various tastes and preferences. 

From historic mansions to picturesque vineyards, couples can find the perfect backdrop for their dream wedding. 

With its diverse landscapes and attractions, Indiana certainly provides endless possibilities for creating unforgettable memories on this special day. 

Consider exploring the hidden gems of Indiana for your destination wedding to make it truly magical and distinctive. 

Start planning your unique destination wedding in Indiana today and let the beauty of this state set the stage for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

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